What does it cost?

Do you like to join us? To book a tour email or text us on WhatsApp.

Trips start every day (depending on weather and ocean conditions) at 10.00 am.

Price per person:  55 Euro

Night snorkeling: The trip will take about 2,5 hours, the warm Neopren and all the snorkeling gear (including fins, mask, snorkel and underwater torches), which we provide, will keep you warm and safe in the water. This activity is suitable for participants aged 16 and over who have snorkeling experience and can swim.
Price per person: 60€

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards

Please notice that reservations are required in advance because we go in very small groups of max. 6 people.

To book your trip, please email or text Danny.
Tel.00351- 9176 91761 (also WhatsApp) or
Email: kayak.centre.lagos@gmail.com